• Venue
  • Kaunas, Žalgirio arena
  • Date
  • 19 Sep 2017


Baltic MedTech

Baltic MedTech is the first medical technology conference to be held in the Baltics. It will provide participants with firsthand experience of why the Baltics is fast becoming a hub for this rapidly developing and burgeoning sector. The event is to be held under the umbrella of the larger Switch International Technology conference, giving attendees the added benefit of having a tech conference right on their doorstep.

Our invitation-only event concept provides a great opportunity for every attendee to network with top decision makers and thought leaders from prominent healthcare and technology companies, and research institutions.

During Baltic MedTech, participants will be able to:

Connect with local Medtech leaders

Companies like Intermedix and Sermo have established and expanded operations in Lithuania. They will be on hand to explain why they chose Lithuania and what their experience has been so far.

Discover the deep local talent pool

Kaunas, the location of the event, is also home to the Baltic Region’s premier Universities- Kaunas University of Technology and Health Sciences University. Every year the university produces 100’s of new graduates, prepped and ready for challenge, experience and success. During the event, you’ll be able to visit the university, meet its management, and find out how the forging of close links between education and business has led to stellar sector growth.

Network with policymakers

Policymakers from both the EU and regional stage will be available in person for you to connect with. You’ll have the chance to discuss the changing local and European Medtech landscape, and explore options for future opportunities.


Medtech Trends

Medical technology trends in Europe – benefits for governments and citizens

Global digitalization trends are enabling better treatment options by increasing communication between healthcare providers and patients. This enables out-of-hospital healthcare provides to offer improved self-management solutions. As a result, better informed citizens are pressuring healthcare service providers to improve even standard processes. But what are the true benefits of digitalization in healthcare for governments and citizens?

Trends Shaping the Global Medtech Industry - How medical technology can reduce pressure on healthcare systems

Medical technologies can be used to monitor a patient’s conditions, provide in-house treatment, and in many cases provide the patient with the ability to take professional care of themselves. Going forward, how might this impact on professional healthcare, and reduce pressure on the healthcare system?

How is mobile technology shaping consumer healthcare trends?

Informed and demanding consumers are now partnering with doctors to achieve greater results for their own healthcare. Patients are becoming more demanding and approaching healthcare systems as consumers, and not traditional patients. How can healthcare systems help facilitate this change in a way that would allow them to exploit it to their patients benefit?

Personalized healthcare and regulatory issues

The trend for personalized medicine in Europe and its legal obstacles

The rapid decline in the costs of genome sequencing is fostering strong growth in personalized medicine. The use of predictive and individualized medicine is on the rise. As a result, questions around personal data security and the regulatory framework for this sector are becoming increasingly relevant.

Long term benefits of gene sequencing and bio-banking / and its possible legal obstacles in the EU

Gene sequencing and bio-banking opens the door to personalized treatment; there are also extreme risks in this area. What is the EU’s approach and how might legal issues be tackled?

The explosion of medical data and cyber security – its legal background in the EU

Access to medical and patient data can be of great value to medical science. However, this is also an area of great sensitivity and risk management, especially in cases of cyber-attacks. In the age of electronic medical records (EMR) and free data, data leakage is only one of many associated risks. What is the legislative background for the mitigation of such risks in the EU?


  • Venue
  • Kaunas, Žalgirio arena
  • Date
  • 19 Sep 2017
  • Address
  • Mindaugo pr. 50, Kaunas


With its life sciences and technical universities famous for their cross-border products and untapped ManTech potential, Lithuania’s second city is the natural choice for the event. City is now striking to create a favorable environment for MedTech companies to strive and sustainably grow in the location.


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The largest, open and free ICT and entrepreneurship event in the Baltic region organised for the third time.

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